Our Mission

My mission is to build and support a community of people committed to love, learning, accountability, and action on race in America. My particular focus is on helping individuals and organizations move forward from awareness of race, diversity, and inclusion to action and accountability. I have a strong and unwavering belief in people and that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve his or her highest potential. 

I envision a future of abundance where all people in our society attain the highest level of professional and personal success and we happily live, study, work, worship, create, and celebrate together.

What I Believe

  • Racism is pervasive in all aspects of US society, but it is also a choice, learned behavior that can be unlearned.  If we each work on dismantling our personal racism, we could end systemic racism, the underlying problem of many other problems in our country.

  • If we ended personal and systemic racism, millions of peoples' lives would dramatically improve- in fact, all of our lives would improve, because racism harms both the oppressor and the oppressed. And we would have momentum and a tremendous amount of newly freed talent, time, and energy to  expend on solving enormous challenges, including income inequality and global warming.

  • Companies that engage and embrace diversity become more profitable and effective. Employees who feel respected and valued are more engaged, productive, and loyal. 

  • Recruiting is only part of the diversity equation. Inclusion is equally if not more important or else the best employees will become entrepreneurs or find another employer where they feel valued. 

  • For diversity and inclusion to produce desired results, leadership has to be deeply invested in its success, role model inclusionary culture, and declare inclusionary behavior a cultural norm.

  • Requiring a BA when college remains so far out of reach for so many virtually guarantees a workforce that is predominately privileged.  Employers should consider hiring employees without a BA and provide tuition reimbursement and credentialing training. 

  •  Employees from underrepresented groups should be connected to mentors and sponsors and provided ample leadership development opportunities so that the company becomes diverse at all levels of the hierarchy.

  • Feedback is an essential building block of inclusion. Leaders and colleagues need to be open to receiving and learning from feedback from colleagues for inclusion to work. 

  • Becoming more inclusive is a learnable skill, and one that will have increasing value in the marketplace.