We can help you bridge racial divides in your workplace. 


69% of 300 Black, Latinx, and Native American engineers working in tech reported experiencing racial bias in a 2016 survey. - 2016 Jopwell Survey

"Workplace culture drives turnover, significantly affecting the retention of underrepresented groups, and costing the industry more than $16 billion each year." - 2017 Kapor Center Study 

Changing workplace culture so people of color can thrive is imperative. By 2044, people of color will make up the majority of the US. Millennials are the most diverse generation in US history, with 44% from under represented groups.

To change workplace culture we need to authentically address race in a guilt and shame free manner. I facilitate "Racy Conversations."

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We learn how our racial biases originated, how to apply neuroscience to overcome them, how to recognize and intervene in racial micro aggressions, how to give and receive interracial feedback. We reflect on what we can do individually and collectively to make your workplace more racially inclusive, and I follow up to hold you accountable.


As a result of our work together, you will know yourself better, be a better listener and more emotionally intelligent, and be able to build trust with people whose backgrounds are different from yours. While I focus on race, the techniques I teach will help you build an inclusive environment for all identities.

Your skills in this area will help you:

  • Attract and benefit from the full engagement of diverse talent. 
  • Make better decisions and better products.
  • Uncover new market opportunities and better strategies to reach current markets.
  • Build credibility and loyalty with consumers and communities. 

My mission is to inspire the first antiracist generation in America. 

Boldness and intentionality are required to bridge racial divides.

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