Racial divides manifest in organizations differently, and are present in every organization. Working closely with you, I develop an approach targeted to your organization's needs. Curious about working with me? Listen to this podcast, read this post or watch this video to see how I work. 




Overcoming Unconscious Bias
Social science research has shown that we all harbor unconscious biases that affect the way we behave. In this highly interactive workshop, we learn how biases operate and what we can do to move from awareness to action in overcoming our biases.


Speaking Up Against Sexual Harassment
I am qualified to facilitate sexual harassment training required by the State of California. Applying an intersectional lens to the excellent videos created by Sigal Avin and David Schwimmer, we analyze what sexual harassment is, why it occurs at work, who is most likely to be harmed, and practice standing up for ourselves and intervening on behalf of others. We review your organization's sexual harassment policy and reporting process.


Speaking Up for a Culture of Belonging
This highly interactive workshop engages everyone on a team to learn how to recognize and intervene in microaggressions. We also practice how to give and receive feedback in a way that encourages growth and learning.


Allyship Workshops
These workshops on becoming an ally and change agent in the workplace.


I speak at conferences, universities, and organizations to groups of all sizes. Contact me and I will send you some videos of my talks. Topics include:

  • Changing Our Minds About Race

  • What Can We Do to Hold Police Accountable?

  • How to Create A Workplace Where Everyone Belongs

  • Join the Antiracist Generation

  • White Women: We Must Dismantle White Supremacy

  • White Parents: We Must Teach Our Children Differently About Race Than Our Parents Taught Us

Other Services

I mediate between parties that are in conflict, facilitate difficult meetings, and assist event organizers who want to ensure speakers from variety of perspectives are included. Contact me to discuss your needs. 

Building Intersectional Understanding Among Women
I organize events for women of all ages, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, faiths, incomes. GNC queer and trans women are welcome, as are allies. We share our stories, get to know each other individually, and learn to relate across difference as equals, as Audre Lorde told us we must. 

How to Talk With Your Kids About Race
One of the most important values we can instill in our children is racial equality. But many parents struggle with how to explain race and racism- and how to live the value of racial equality. At this interactive workshop we learn what racism is, how to teach your children to be antiracist, and how to role model racial equality for your children. Come with your questions, an open mind, and readiness to support each other and ourselves as we dive deep into this imperative topic.