Curious about working with me? Listen to this podcast, read this post or watch this video to see how I work. 


Inclusion Bootcamp: 

My core offering is a series of four workshops designed to equip a group of 40 managers and team members with the skills to create a culture where everyone belongs and can do their best work. My preference is to train entire teams together for the four workshops.

                                    1 Getting into the Right Mindset      3 Intervening in Microaggressions & Providing Feedback
                                    2 Overcoming Unconscious Bias       4 Becoming an Ally

Building Intersectional Understanding Among Women or Employee Resource Groups:

I facilitate a highly interactive, day-long event that unites people across difference and creates patterns of interacting as equals.

In the morning we focus on networking, reflecting on our colleagues' experiences and amplifying each other's voices. We continue our conversations over lunch.

In the afternoon, we learn what microaggressions are, why they occur, roleplay intervening in a microaggression & giving and receiving feedback, and discuss best practices to create a culture where microaggressions don't happen.    

We leave with a much deeper understanding of ourselves, trust and strengthened relationships with our colleagues, & feeling empowered to stand up for a culture of belonging.

Online Learning: 

I host online courses that highlight practical strategies for overcoming bias and personal growth.        

Coaching Individuals: 

I work one on one with executives to help them develop the ability to relate well across difference.


I help parties reconcile and heal from past conflict.


I speak on overcoming racial bias, preventing police brutality, how to talk with your kids about race, how to strengthen interracial trust and relationships among women, how to align diversity and business strategy, diversity challenges in tech and how to overcome them, etc.

Community of practice:

I partner with many fantastic mentors who are experts on race and am developing an offline leadership development program to address racial equity in the Bay Area. 


I assess companies' current diversity and inclusion culture to identify areas of success and challenges and provide a baseline to evaluate effectiveness of training.